Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed - Virgin - Vegan

Product Description


Lilly K© ethically sources and manufactures Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from the tropical paradise islands of Sri Lanka. Our manufacturer and exporter of coconut-based products in Sri Lanka offers premium-quality processed and local coconut products. All coconut-based products are hand-picked for optimal freshness and complete nutritional value. Coconuts are then cold-pressed using ultra-modern technologies to maintain their nutritional value and taste. Coconut oil has a high cooking point and longer shelf life than some other fats. Solid at room temperature, it can be used in baking and frying, for greasing baking pans, and as a replacement for butter or vegetable oils in recipes.


Cooking  with Lilly K©’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil can be used in various types of cooking such as;

-   Frying and deep-frying by rubbing it on roast meats, stir-fries, and sauces.

- Substituting for butter or margarine and using for dips, spreads, baking, and desserts.

-   Making mayonnaise.

-  Adding metabolism-boosting benefits and taste with just a couple of teaspoons to smoothies, juices, tea, or coffee.

-  Mixing with cacao & honey for a quick energy boost before a workout.

- Making keto and paleo-friendly fudge and fat bombs.