Lilly K is Agricore Foods’ registered brand for serving our retail and wholesale customers in the current and future markets around the globe.
On behalf of Agricore Foods, we never compromise the quality of our products and services.  We continuously introduce and develop new products in competitive markets. With the vast variety of products in our portfolio and years of experience, Agricore Foods serves its customers a diverse variety of quality, environmentally-conscious products.
For each market, Agricore Foods
  • Selects products suitable to local taste and demand
  • Exclusively produces according to high-quality standards
  • Provides our produce to exclusive local partners, and, in some cases, distributes it jointly
  • Communicates directly with the end-user through our registered Lilly K brand
Our Mission
To make Lilly K products part of a healthy life style by delivering  genuine organic food and products to our customers.
Our Vision
To support natural, sustainable , organic, agriculture practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.
Our Aim
  • To identify developing and/or developed markets for grain and organic-based products,
  • To develop the right portfolio of products for all markets,
  • To improve the quality of the products as well as to meet consumer expectations around the globe,
  • To provide partners with added value in every stage of production
  • To generate continuous and thriving businesses for all our suppliers,
  • To bring grain and organic products of different customs and cultures together to serve consumers everywhere